10 Things You Can Do to Prevent Skin Cancer

How to Prevent Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer, and arguably the most preventable. Most cases are directly tied to sun exposure, so how you choose to protect your skin from the rays will have an enormous impact on your chances of developing basal cell, squamous cell, or melanoma.

As with other cancers, early detection is crucial, which means you need to know what skin changes to watch for. However, it’s equally vital that you take steps to reduce your skin cancer risk now, with a few extra additions to your daily routine.

1. Find a Dermatologist

Even if you have complete trust and confidence in your family physician, it is always a good idea to have suspicious changes checked out by a dermatologist. Research shows that dermatologists are more likely to spot melanoma in its early stages, before it becomes a bigger, life-threatening problem.

Their expertise helps them find small tumors that escape the attention of other doctors, and as they will have seen such a variety of skin issues, dermatologists will be less inclined to assume something is benign, or misdiagnose the issue.

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