Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

Stories That Can Change the Way You Think About Cancer

Movies about cancer can have an enormous effect on those who know the ins and outs of life with the devastating disease, and some stories are simply too torturous to sit through when you’re already struggling with a lot of emotion.

On the other hand, the right story can do a lot of good for your feelings, and your perspective — you may even find some reassurance and resolution in these eight tender, funny, and insightful films that deal with cancer.

The Bucket List

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson — what’s not to love? They take on slightly different roles here, as two unlikely hospital roommates-turned-buddies who wind up tackling big adventures together and learn about what it means to be human, fallible, and strong from each other.

Ultimately, it’s a real tear-jerker, but The Bucket List doesn’t rely on melodrama to carry its message. This is a movie about all the things that can be accomplished despite cancer, rather than the limitations that come with a diagnosis.

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