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Getting Involved in Cancer Initiatives

Whether you are a cancer sufferer or someone who is looking for a cause to support, this list is for you. Here you’ll find some unexpected support initiatives; you can look to find assistance that you need or find a cause that piques your interest.

Knitted Knockers

The Knitted Knockers is an organization that makes hand-knitted breast prosthetics for breast cancer survivors. Not only are the prosthetics made by volunteers, they are also free to any woman who wants them.

The Knitted Knocker breast prosthetics are made with the woman healing from a mastectomy in mind; a traditional breast prosthetic is often expensive, bulky and sweaty. They may require special bras and camisoles.

In addition, the woman can’t wear them for several weeks after surgery. Knitted Knockers can be worn shortly after surgery, is soft and comfortable, and can be worn with a traditional bra.

You can request your own knocker here.

You can see the patterns here, so you can volunteer your time and provide this needed service.

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