Krystina Ostermeyer RN, BSN

    Krystina Ostermeyer RN, BSN
    Krysti is a practicing RN who also enjoys writing about health and wellness. She has a varied nursing background and is currently working as a diabetes educator.
    A diagnosis paper has bladder cancer written on it

    What Causes Bladder Cancer?

    Feb 9 2018
    Bladder cancer is cancer that develops in the tissues of the bladder and is typically diagnosed by seeing blood in the urine and urination changes.
    Can Men Get Breast Cancer?

    Can Men Get Breast Cancer?

    Jul 29 2016
    The incidence of breast cancer in men is far less than that of breast cancer in women — but it is not unheard of. Let's look at the risk factors.
    Corporate Angel Network

    5 Unexpected Cancer Support Initiatives

    Jul 24 2016
    Whether you are a cancer sufferer or someone who is looking for a cause to support, here you’ll find some unexpected cancer support initiatives.
    Understanding the Stages of Cancer

    Understanding the Stages of Cancer

    Jul 15 2016
    You know your diagnosis and that you require treatment — so what’s with all of the crazy letters and numbers? Let's take a look at the stages of cancer.
    Why Does Cancer Spread?

    Metastatic Cancer: Why Cancer Spreads

    Jul 14 2016
    Cancer that is confined to a single organ or body system is scary. But why does cancer spread? Learn more about why cancer metastasizes.
    Cancer During Pregnancy

    Going Through Cancer While Pregnant

    Jul 12 2016
    Pregnancy is supposedly one of the happiest time of our lives — full of joy and excitement. But what if pregnancy is marred by cancer?