Celebrities Who Battled Cancer - Robert de Niro

Celebrities Who Battled Cancer - Robert de Niro

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Celebrities Who Had Cancer

Perhaps the scariest word to hear out of your doctor’s mouth, cancer is a far-reaching disease that still baffles scientists and leaves devastation in its path. While there are plenty of ways to decrease your risk of developing cancer through diet, exercise, and other lifestyle choices, millions of people every year are diagnosed with some form of the illness.

Cancer touches everyone, and it definitely doesn’t discriminate based on who you are, where you live, or what you do. Here are nine cancer survivors who also happen to be celebrities: more living proof that bravery and a refusal to be pacified can make all the difference.

1. Robert De Niro

The accomplished star of films like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Casino, and more recently, the Meet the Parents franchise was diagnosed during the early stages with prostate cancer back in 2003. Because he was in such excellent shape and receiving regular checkups, De Niro made a full recovery and still graces our screen in amazing roles every year. Thank God for Movember!

Wanda Sykes

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2. Wanda Sykes

Comedienne and actress Wanda Sykes was shocked to find out that she had a form of breast cancer during a reduction back in 2011. The funny-lady was courageous in the face of adversity, and without hesitation had a double-mastectomy that same year. Sykes was back on the road performing stand-up shortly after the surgery, refusing to let it hold her back. She’s doing well now, and was just spotted in an episode of Repeat After Me. Way to say ‘No way!’ Wanda!

Dr. Drew Pinsky

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3. Dr. Drew Pinsky

Although Dr. Drew is used to helping other celebrities through various turmoils via VH1, MTV and HLN, he had his own battle with cancer in 2013. He has always been very matter of fact about his illness, stating that he had his prostate removed and went back to work within two weeks of treatment. He also feels very fortunate because, as he told Mike Fleeman of PEOPLE, his “erectile function is normal, sex drive is normal, bladder works normally.”

Sharon Osbourne

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4. Sharon Osbourne

It was a while ago now, but Sharon Osbourne fought colon cancer and won back in 2002. She ended up finding out not long after initial treatment that it had spread to her lymph nodes, and ended up beating some very scary odds – try a 33% survival rate. She continued on with filming the family’s reality series although she was going through aggressive chemotherapy, and has founded many charities and foundations dedicated to cancer treatments and living past the disease. Still ticking, she’s one of the queen bees on CBS’s The Talk.

Sheryl Crow

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5. Sheryl Crow

Another breast cancer survivor, Sheryl Crow found out she was battling the disease in 2006 during her split from Lance Armstrong. She had the lump removed and did radiation therapy, which proved successful for her. She even opened an imaging center in conjunction with her surgeon. Nine years and four albums later, she looks great and is still going strong.

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Michael C Hall

Photo Credit: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com

6. Michael C. Hall

Former star of Dexter and Six Feet Under, Michael C. Hall was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2010 when he was 38 years old. Hall was especially scared of the news because his father died of cancer when he was just a year older. The star was very thankful to have caught it early enough that treatment was successful. The Golden Globe winner is now 44 years old, healthy, and still working in TV and film.

Betsey Johnson

Photo Credit: Alexander Raths / Shutterstock.com

7. Betsey Johnson

Iconic fashion designer Betsey Johnson had a big cancer scare back in the beginning of the millennium, which she only noticed after one of her breast implants started looking odd. She went in to have it checked out, and doctors discovered that she was in the early stages of breast cancer. Johnson was able to beat the disease through radiation therapy and, to this day, she still performs her signature cartwheel at the end of each runway show.

Kylie Minogue

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8. Kylie Minogue

Australian songstress Kylie Minogue is another breast cancer survivor who was diagnosed with her illness in the middle of a greatest hits tour in 2005 when she was just 36. She was forced to cut the tour short in order to seek treatment. However, she was right back at it again in 2006, finishing that very same tour and knocking it out of the park. She’s currently on tour promoting her newest album Kiss Me Once, released last year.

Hugh Jackman

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9. Hugh Jackman

Another Australian, Hugh Jackman has had treatment four times for basal cell carcinoma, a less aggressive form of skin cancer, within a span of 18 months. The Wolverine star has been very open about the ordeal, which was caused by extreme sun exposure and a lack of protection. Nowadays, Jackman lets everyone know to use sunscreen and even heads up a brand of the stuff for kids.

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